The Unruly Project

The Unruly Project

Forfatter: Sven Bertelsen
Sider: 148
Sprog: Engelsk
Udgivelsesår: 2015, 2017 engelsk udgave
Udgiver: Strategisk Rådgivning ApS
ISBN-13: 9788799328314
Varenummer: sbe17001

Kategorier: Projektledelse
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The Unruly Projekt is the title of a new and different book about project management. But at the same time it is the title of a research project undertaken by the author within his own consultant firm.

The Book ask the obvious question: When projects so often fails, could it because we totally have misunderstood something, and through seven popular told essays he answers the question with a sounding YES! And thereafter step by step takes the reader by the hand and guide him to a complete new understanding of the project, its nature and management.

The author has himself a lifelong experience as project manager and has quite unusual placed himself as an international recognized researcher within the topic of project management where his ideas about the project as a complex system are often referred to. When we again and again are told, argues he, that projects become increasingly more complex as an explanation of the frequent failures, why don t we look at the complex systems theory, and by that brings managing chaotic systems into our thinking.

The Unruly Project is also available in spanish and norwegian.