About ConTech Lab

ConTech Lab started as a collaboration between Molio, The Danish Industry Foundation and Realdania on behalf of the entire industry. ConTech Lab will be the learning ground that allows us to connect deep understanding of the processes behind construction projects with new technology, and where new ways of collaboration can be tested through pioneering projects and experiments. ConTech Lab will share all knowledge and learnings to benefit the entire industry. 

Introduction to ConTech Lab

ConTech Lab is a common place for the construction industry to try out new ways of collaboration on specific digital building projects. In June 2020, Molio started ConTech Lab on behalf of the entire construction industry, financed by The Danish Industry Foundation and Realdania.

The goal of ConTech Lab is to create a unique learning ground and a common development platform where all parts of the construction industry can develop and experiment with new ways of using data, digitalization, and technology to renew construction and create a more sustainable and productive way of building. ConTech Lab is not competing with current initiatives. On the contrary, it aims to embrace and collaborate with the existing players in Denmark.

ConTech Lab


The term ConTech is short for Construction Technologies and covers several different types of technology and digitalization. This includes both software and hardware that plays a part in making the building industry better and more efficient throughout the entire chain of value – from design and engineering to the subsequent building operation.

ConTech Lab is a new common place for the industry to experiment with technology and gain experience with implementing it in everyday life. ConTech Lab works in favour of collaboration on projects, knowledge sharing and reducing frictions across the value chain - creating increased productivity and sustainability to lift the industry’s competitiveness.

Let’s share and work together!

ConTech Lab