ConTech Lab’s SME initiatives

ConTech Lab has set out to make the construction industry more sustainable and productive through increased use of digitalization and technology. This includes a particular focus on engaging Danish SMEs in value creating initiatives that are easy to implement.

In the development towards a more sustainable future for the construction industry, it is important to involve the construction industry’s many SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises). In 2020 Molio conducted a study which showed that one in three SMEs do not feel that digitalization is a pervasive part of their company's strategy. 

Investments in digitalizations and technology require willingness to take risks, and SMEs do not always have the resources to set aside for investments in new, digital tools, innovative materials or technologies compared to larger companies. This is part of the reason why ConTech Lab focuses many of their efforts on introducing innovative and digital solutions to SMEs. 

Recently, ConTech Lab has put CLT Denmark together with tech-wizard, No-Code enthusiast, and author Jacob Bøtter and in just three days new digital tools had been created to increase the business potential of the Danish specialists in timber construction.  

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