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Three-day No-code program improves the business for CLT Denmark

ConTech Lab has set out to make the construction industry more sustainable and productive through increased use of digitalization and technology. This includes a particular focus on engaging Danish SMEs in value creating initiatives that are easy to implement. ConTech Lab has therefore put CLT Denmark together with tech-wizard, digital entrepreneur, and author Jacob Bøtter, and in just three days new digital tools have been created that improve business at the Danish specialist in timber construction, CLT Denmark.

But how is it even possible to develop customized digital solutions in such short time, and what is No-code exactly?

CLT Denmark are specialists in Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). CLT Denmark work with the entire value chain of construction and are engaged all the way from idea to design, planning and execution. Therefore, the timing was perfect when ConTech Lab was looking for companies to engage in the No-Code program.

No-code makes it possible to develop tailored digital solutions without having to involve the entire IT department and build code. ConTech Lab’s No-Code program shows that the development of digital solutions does not have to be difficult, time-consuming, or a financial burden.

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"Firstly, we needed a tailored CRM system to manage our internal development, sales, and consulting processes. And as we work more and more knowledge-based, we also wanted to develop a digital calculator that compares the influence of different building materials on parameters such as climate impact, economy, quantities, transport, and construction times on selected types of buildings."


Per Thomas Dahl, CEO of CLT Denmark

Jacob Bøtter dealt with CLT Denmark's internal process challenge by twisting the CRM system’s pipedrive and tailoring it to CLT Denmark's needs.

CLT Denmark's need for a digital calculator harmonizes well with their increasing knowledge-based business model. The goal was to develop an application that compares climate impact, time consumption and economy between building materials based on parameters such as number of square meters, materials, construction time, assembly, logistics and construction management on selected types of buildings. The developed CLT calculator makes it easier to document the effect of different building materials on the specific parameters.

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"The adaptation of the CRM system primarily consisted of tailoring and adapting an existing CRM system, while the development of the digital calculator shows to a greater extent what No-code is really about,"


Jacob Bøtter, Author

Per Thomas Dahl is very satisfied with the result of three intensive days of working with No-Code. He emphasizes that it requires focus and commitment from top management for it to be a success, but that the potential is great.


"When it comes to construction today, everyone basically thinks that it should be built in concrete. I think that within a foreseeable number of years it will be turned to the advantage of wood construction – if we can document the advantages of wood construction versus conventional construction, for example, using the developed CLT calculator. In a short time, I have gotten two useful digital tools that I expect will be a great help in our everyday work."

Great potential in No-code for the construction industry's SMEs

Ole Berard, head of digitalization at Molio and ConTech Lab,is deeply impressed by how far you can get with three days of dedicated effort. He sees a great potential, not just for CLT Denmark, but for many other SMEs that make up a large part of the construction industry's value chain.

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"As construction becomes more complex, there is an increased need for digital solutions that optimize processes, increase the collaboration across the entire value chain, and result in more sustainable construction. Many of these solutions naturally require larger digital development processes. Our No-Code project shows that there is great potential in developing specific, simple, and tailor-made solutions based on No-Code principles, which makes it possible for non-programmers to develop digital applications."


Ole Berard, Head of Digitalization at Molio and ConTech Lab

In this way, as Jacob Bøtter explains, No-code is to a large extent self-help for the SMEs, where the companies involved in the program get some digital competences and will be able to develop or refine applications based on the No-code principles by themselves.

At ConTech Lab we will follow CLT Denmark's implementation of the new digital tools, and we will focus on finding ways to engage more companies in the No-Code principles.


About ConTech Lab

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