Pioneer projects

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Smart completion of ICT agreements

When composing ICT agreements, professionals tend to lean towards legal requirements rather than specific client needs. This often leads to agreements that are decoupled from project goals, which further challenges the cooperation on a project. 

ConTech Lab has initiated a pioneer project that aims to make client accessibility to their ICT agreement easier and allow it to be used as a valuable tool in construction.

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Smart maintenance

Today, operation plans are typically based on manual visual inspections and subjective assessments reliant on years of experience. This process is often slow and unprecise. 

What if we could optimize and automate the efforts in operational planning by leaning on publicly available data, data from previous operations and maintenance plans, artificial intelligence and reality capture technologies?

That is the objective this pilot project is concerned with.

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Minimizing resource consumption on the construction site

In broad alliance with contractors, educational institutions and technology suppliers, ConTech Lab has initiated a project that aims to introduce new ways of working to minimize the consumption of resources and materials on site – spanning from consumption of water and power to building materials.

This pilot project is aiming to test a range of technologies and create a shared data platform to be made accessible to the construction industry.


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BIM and specifications

BIM-models revolve around the geometry of a project and is the foundation for drawings, quantity extraction and coordination. However, the amount of specific product information in the model is often limited. This data is instead kept in separate description documents or product data sheets - both often exchanged as pdf’s which further complicates optimal data usage.

Across the industry, there is great potential in integrating the specifications to optimize the workflow. In this pioneer project ConTech Lab will therefore dive into the potential of linking BIM and specifications.

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LCA calculations based on EPDs

Based on updated environmental product declarations, ConTech Lab and the project group will investigate what is needed to make it easier for individual companies to be able to carry out LCA calculations.

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Square meters as a resource

We build offices, co-working spaces and innovation houses like never before.

ConTech Lab aims to investigate the future of workplaces and cultivate knowledge to make the industry more familiar with how square meters are used efficiently. 

With this project, we take a closer look at existing office environments as well the ones in the pipeline, including projects at BLOXHUB and the VELUX renovation project in Østbirk. Amongst other things, we will be investigating movement patterns and user needs by applying Smart Building principles.