About ConTech Lab

ConTech Lab is the construction industry's shared development platform where companies from the industry can develop and experiment with new ways of using data, digitalization and technology to create the future of construction - a sustainable and efficient one. ConTech Lab commits to sharing all findings and new knowledge to the benefit of the entire industry.

ConTech Lab is acting on behalf of the entire construction industry in collaboration with Molio, The Danish Industry Foundation and Realdania. The purpose of ConTech Lab is to accelerate the process of turning construction into a more digital and sustainable industry with the ambition to exploit the great potential of digitalization and technology that the construction industry holds. 

ConTech Lab does not compete with existing initiatives on the market. On the contrary, the lab aims to embrace and collaborate with the existing players in Denmark and make sure good ideas, solutions, and ‘best practices’ are developed and implemented widely. 

The construction industry is responsible for 30% of the total CO2 emissions in Denmark. So, if we are to meet new, ambitious climate goals, the construction industry will have to step up. According to The Danish Industry Foundation and Realdania, a key factor in reducing emissions and make the industry more sustainable is an increased focus on digitalization and technology use. Therefore, they have contributed to make ConTech Lab a permanent part of the construction industry.  

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Construction Technologies

The term ConTech is an abbreviation for Construction Technologies and covers several types of technology and digitalization within construction. This includes both software and hardware that helps us streamline and improve the construction process throughout the entire value chain – from design and engineering to the subsequent operation. 

A result-oriented lab

ConTech Lab is determined to take the construction industry to a higher level in terms of digitalization. Moving from talks, thoughts and intentions to action that leads to experience and findings the industry can learn from and develop further on. In collaboration with companies who are willing and able to change their ways, ConTech Lab facilitates pioneering projects and cases focusing on technology use, digitalization and implementation. Our work provides the whole industry with valuable insights, including the companies who have yet to figure out, how technology will help them in their everyday operations.  

Increased digitalization is not only the foundation for a more sustainable industry, but also essential in strengthening the different firms’ competitiveness and ensure that the industry as whole is future-proof. 

How ConTech Lab works

ConTech Lab carries out pioneering projects and experiments in which ConTech is the means to reach the goal: a sustainable and efficient construction industry.  

In addition to pioneering projects, ConTech Lab provides the industry with research on the ConTech-ecosystem and value creating initiatives. Furthermore, ConTech Lab elaborates on the connections between technology and sustainability and communicates new knowledge in understandable and action-oriented ways. ConTech Lab’s efforts in disseminating knowledge aims to engage both the companies that are digitally prepared and the ones that are still unsure how to kickstart their digital and green transition.  

Lastly, ConTech Lab has a list of initiatives aimed at SMEs, which you can read more about here.   

Pioneering projects

ConTech Lab’s pioneering projects run 4-6 months and they test new methods and solutions with the potential to make the industry more sustainable and efficient. The short time span of the projects ensures momentum among the participants and allows flexibility – if the project managers see a need to change direction or redefine project goals, they can.  

If the goal of the pioneering project hasn’t been reached and there should be a need to develop a project further, pioneering projects can easily build on each other. In fact, the lab has carried out several small projects within the same field (i.e. sustainable construction sites and data models for the construction industry). That is how ConTech Lab manages to work with complex issues and themes over short periods of time.   

Pioneering projects always erupt from specific industry challenges that can be solved with a technology, a process, and/or a new type of collaboration. Projects always reach over different phases and interfaces, and involve at least two construction companies, one technology company, and a research institution or an industry association. 

ConTech Lab brings together the right competencies across the value chain into project groups to solve the specific challenge. The pioneering projects are problem-driven and based on known technology which can be scaled in the market. Ideally, the pioneering projects are linked to specific construction projects, which ensures that the outputs of a project remain relevant and close to the industry. 

Read more about our different pioneering projects here