Revit BIM And Concept Design Forside SMALL
CAD og bygningsmodel

Revit - BIM and Concept Design - vol. I

Ved at bruge Revit i en virkeligt scenarie, opstiller BIMbogen en gennemprøvet model for, hvordan man rent faktisk bruger Revit i et projekt i designfasen. BIMbogens tilgang til stoffet tilgodeser både studerende og fagfolk.

Udgiver: BIMbogen
Udgivelsesår: 2019
Udgave: 2. udgave 2021
Forfattere: Niels Ole Christiansen og Ask Raun

Bogtype: Bog

Varenummer: bim19001

ISBN: 9788799668564

211,25 inkl. moms

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In this case study, it is assumed that you are working in a small architects office on designing a detached one family house for private clients. A draft layout of the building plan has been made prior to you setting up the project in Revit.

By the end of the book you will be ready to submit a set of drawings for a full concept design proposal, and during the progress, you will gradually get introduced to the Revit tools needed to create, modify and document the Building Model.

Early in the design process, you need to show preliminary drawings to the clients for them to comment. First, a basic Building Model is created using most of the basic Revit tools, allowing you to generate drawings in Revit (Step I)

While generating this preliminary output, you have been waiting for the land surveyor to provide a Site Model with exact 3D information about the site. This is now brought into the project, allowing you to refine the design of the building and particularly how the building and the existing physical conditions interact (Step II).

Finally, our client wants to increase the number of rooms in the project (Step III)

Found in the appendix, a chapter on terrain modeling and advanced presentation techniques - renderings, video clips and interactive panoramas etc.