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The Circular Economy - A Wealth of Flows

Revised Preface and Conclusion, Plus Additional Chapter. ed. edition (31 Jan. 2017)

Udgiver: Ellen MacArthur Foundation Publishing
Udgivelsesår: 2015
Sider: 202
Udgave: 2nd revised edition, 31 Jan. 2017
Sprog: Engelsk
Forfatter: Ken Webster

Varenummer: snb21006

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A circular economy has profound consequences for production, employment, education, money and finance but also induces a shift in public policy and taxation. The economic advantage of this model lies in designing out waste, enabling access over ownership, favouring radical resources productivity, with prospect of rebuilding natural capital and resilience.

Since the first edition of this volume published in 2015, the global economy has remained relatively subdued and pressure on resources, especially in terms of waste and carbon emissions, continues. More than ever, the circular economy gives the direction of travel, and appears as a model for economic prosperity.

This revised volume contains one entirely new chapter, expanding on the role of digital; on how we see the world; how the economy really works and how we can act within it. The other major revision is in rewriting the final chapter, as it becomes obvious, argues the author, that current social tensions and the rise of populism mean that the evolution of an attractive economic model is no longer just a desirable development, but a matter of some urgency.

The foreword is written by Ellen MacArthur and the book includes contributions from Walter Stahel from the Product-Life Institute, Geneva and Jocelyn Blériot, Executive Officer at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.