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BIM specifications translated into English

Construction transcends national borders. Regulations and standards are increasingly being harmonized across nations and languages. At the request of the construction industry, Molio has translated the BIM specifications (A102) into English. In the near future, English-speaking partners can therefore be included in digital collaboration on equal terms. The translation will be available be the end of November 2020.

BIM Specifications (A102) aids the various parties in a construction project to define the scope of ICT services. They are used to create a contractual basis for which digital services are part of a construction project. Thereby helping parties to create the best possible basis for digital collaboration.

IKT-koordinator og -leder

At the request of the industry, the BIM specifications have now been translated into English as BIM Specifications A102 (EN). This will allow English-speaking partners to understand and operate on the same basis as Danish-speakers on a construction project, regardless of whether you are a consultant, contractor, or supplier:

- Molio's BIM specifications are a tool for creating clarity and a common ground between the partners in an otherwise complex setting of construction agreements. Basically, BIM specifications is about ensuring an optimal flow of digital collaboration and digital communication between the parties. We have chosen to translate the BIM specifications into English to give the industry better conditions for succesfully collaborating on construction projects with international parties, says Allan Schiøtz, product manager at Molio:

- The translation of the BIM specifications means, that you can use the usual and incorporated methods in international collaborations. It is intended to make everyday life easier for the parties and strengthen digital collaboration, says Allan Schiøtz.

The English version of the BIM specifications, BIM Specifications A102 (EN), is included in the same subscription as the Danish specifications. Therefore, if you have a subscription to Aftale og kommunikation, the BIM Specifications A102 (en) will be available by the end of November 2020.