BIM International

BIM International is a subscription to central publications concerning digital collaboration. Here you can find industry standards related to contracts, communication, drawings and models. 

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Select the package that suits the type of company you work in. Note that the cost of the subscription depends on the number of employees in the company.



BIM International for others

If you are neither a consultant nor contractor, select this product.

Achieve one interdisciplinary foundation for all your digital collaboration

BIM International gives the following advantages:

• You achieve unequivocal collaboration - both internal and external
• You gain access to useful instructions and guidelines related to collaboration on and production of models.
• You achieve same the structure from project to project
• You reduce your development costs
• You can create long-term strategies for standardised working methods, data sharing, digitisation and collaboration
• You reinforce your collaboration and competitiveness and enhance your produc-tivity

The subscription gives you access to the following:

  • A104 Information management 
  • A310 Measurement Rules
  • A650 Collected Examples for Installation Systems CCI
  • C421 CCI Shared Parameter, and Property set filer