Construction element specifications

– for selected building parts in building and landscape models

The building part specifications are the result of a collaboration between Molio, BIM7AA and DiKon.



With the increasing importance of building parts and associated property data in building models, there is a need for clear descriptions of building part reliability, geometric representation and associated properties.

Molio, BIM7AA and DiKon have jointly prepared Construction element specifications for building models. The basis is the YBL 2018, BIM Forum's LOD levels and experiences from the construction projects.


When applying YBL 2018 and LOD DK levels, both LOR, LOG and LOI levels are mandatory for each building part. Changes are described in the delivery specification or a separate appendix.

The Construction element specifications contains selected building parts within architecture, construction, installation (MEP) and landscape.


A steering group with representatives from BIM7AA, DiKon, OM actors, manufactures, IT vendors and Molio's secretariat has been set up. The steering group sets the direction for the work, and Molio coordinates the joint work and work groups for the respective architecture, construction, installation (MEP) and landscape, which prepares the content of the Construction element specifications.

The Construction element specifications are generally updated at the beginning of February each year, which is why comments and suggestions for improvements are received before 1 November. Please send them to