Construction element specifications translated into English

In the autumn of 2020, DiKon, BIM7AA and Molio published the Construction element specifications in danish. These specifications have established a common language and a common approach to the digital building models. To create a more seamless process on BIM-projects and to minimize language barriers, the specifications have now been translated into English.

When all parties on a project agrees on the specifications of a construction element, fewer errors and misunderstandings usually occur in the process. This goes for all projects - danish as well as international.

The new translated Construction element specifications, enable English-speaking parties to participate equally in the flow of data and communication regarding construction elements:

- The Construction element specifications clarifies relevant data and outlines the details of a specific component. Therefore, the specifications are a key tool in the digital construction process, explains Allan Schiøtz, product manager for the ICT tools in Molio:

- More and more English-speaking parties are collaborating on Danish construction projects and there are correspondingly more Danish consultants on projects abroad. It therefore makes perfect sense to minimize language barriers, where it is possible and where it creates smoother processes. An English version the specifications enables a broader application of the specifications - both in and outside Denmark, Allan Schiøtz explains.

Construction element specifications is a free tool accessible by everyone.

You can find it here

English toolbox expanded at Molio

Another English translation was published in the autumn of 2020 of the EIR-BIM specifications (A102). and an English translation of the BEP-BIM Process manual (A402) is on its way.

These tools are included in a paid subscription to Agreement and Communication.


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Bygningsdelsspecifikationerne oversat til engelsk

 DiKon, BIM7AA og Molio lancerede i efteråret 2020 Bygningsdels-specifikationerne i fællesskab. Dermed blev der skabt enighed om et fælles sprog og en fælles tilgang til de digitale bygningsmodeller. Nu er Bygningsdelsspecifikationerne oversat til engelsk, så engelsksprogede aktører i ind- og udland også kan være med.